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Property Management

Miller Frishman Group provides management and leasing services for multifamily properties in cities across the United States. The company is known for strong management practices that consistently produce above-market returns, using a market-specific management approach wherein each property is treated as a unique and separate asset. By focusing on understanding how each property fits within its unique market, the firm creates a tailored marketing, leasing, and management strategy for each specific property. This may include judicious improvements if required to build and stabilize occupancy at appropriate rental rates.

Miller Frishman Group’s multifamily property management includes closely tracking costs and monitoring asset performance on a daily basis. This kind of hands-on micro-management makes it possible to meet financial and occupancy goals on a routine basis while successfully controlling expenses.

The company is known for hiring on-site managers who are seasoned professionals with extensive multifamily property experience. Miller Frishman Group employees are problem solvers and negotiators; they’re marketing and operations specialists whose single-minded goal is to improve performance and maximize returns.

Because of the firm’s reputation for managing thousands of apartment units, Miller Frishman Group is able to command the resources to direct purchasing, maintenance and marketing, and is able to leverage economies of scale for the best results at the lowest possible costs for its clients.

Miller Frishman Group’s multifamily leasing success is a credit to its exceptional skill at clearly defining the customer for each property and pursuing cost-effective, laser-focused target marketing to reach the most appropriate prospects. Because every property is different and occupies a unique niche in its own market, the marketing approach is custom-crafted for each property, producing impressive leasing results.


About Miller Frishman

Miller Frishman Group is a team of seasoned Real Estate Professionals, with a focus on the investment and operation of Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate.  With deep roots in the real estate industry, Miller Frishman Group provides exceptional investment and property management services.

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